Shingeki no Holy Shit Look at that Animation




i have been staring at this for like ten minutes looking at all the little details

like how her fingers curl just a tiny bit after she looks

and the way the light changes on her dress

and just ;aldkfnab;efka beautiful animation

And they animated her breathing, you see her stomach move. How often do you see that in animation?

You know you’re looking at amazing fabric animation when you know exactly what that fabric would feel like just from looking at it


Doppler animation by Sergio Pablos, Disney’s Trasure Planet

For those who love watching character animation, but don’t know where to find the good stuff, places like is a great place to start browsing the work of masters.


Genius that drew that hot piece of ass. AND made your fucking day.


the actual finished? version I guess for the sake of being on my tumblr

Astro Kid’s remix of Firefly Cloud, Firefly Storm served as inspiration so those yellow blobs are not actually random. They are very bad at looking like fireflies though.


part 1 | part 2 of attack on english ( srsly i need a better name for it ) 


artist: かや

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wELP THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN BUT IT DID AND I GOT CARRIED AWAY FOR HOURS AND JUST DID LITTLE THINGS OF THEM but yeah my favorite water pokemon. Water isn’t my favorite type, but when I need a few these are my go to pokemon.

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