If the idea that “they is plural” ever bothers you, just imagine that there’s several of me and we’re all screaming at you to use my correct fucking pronouns

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Seven month old Loki the European brown bear cub enjoys himself on a pedalo covered in his favourite treats including strawberry jam and grapes, left in the enclosure by staff at Blair Drummond Safari Park in Scotland.  Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA

Oh my god, I thought it was a paddle boat massacre

I honestly thought the bear had decided he’d had enough of the paddle boaters and ate them.



I like this bear

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I love your blog so much ahhh!!! How would the Iwatobi & Samezuka boys react to their crush taking a shower and forgeting to bring a towel, so they have to embarassingly ask for the boys to bring them one ////


(thank you so much cutiepie i love you more!! ;u; and oh my i’m thinking of makoto in episode 9 ///)

Makoto: A startled yelp escapes his throat and he goes beet red when he processes his crush’s request. His hand shakes while he awkwardly reaches out the towel to the open shower door, but he won’t dare look anywhere near it. “H-Here…”

Haruka: He blinks, and he ask to ask his crush to repeat what they said again before it sinks in. He tries to look as calm about it as possible, but just knowing that their naked body is a thin door away makes his ears go red when he hands it over. “Sorry…”

Nagisa: He might be a little too overconfident about it, and his crush would need to be the one to ask him to quiet down and step a little farther away from the door. “Ehhhhh, you don’t want me to see you? But I’m sure you’ve got a really pretty body, ___-chan!” That would only result in them snatching the towel out of his hands and slamming the door again, though.

Rei: Rei would turn into a blushing nutcracker, moving stiffly and internally panicking because he’s going through his crush’s things to get the towel that was all over their body and oh god. He’d probably just throw it into the bathroom and yell something like “Please don’t forget something so important next time!” 

Rin: His entire face flares up in a blush, and his first instinct is to scold them. “H-Hah?! How could you take a shower and forget your towel, stupid?!” He stomps over to grab their towel and shoves it into their waiting hands, looking away with a red face. When they get out he gives them a thorough noogie for doing something so careless and embarrassing.

Sousuke: He actually bristles a little bit but tries to play it off as calmly as he can to avoid embarrassing himself. He just calls back to his crush that he’ll get it for them and when he does, he holds it out and glances away with his free hand hovering over his mouth and a flustered look on his face. “Don’t forget it next time.” 

Nitori: He squeaks and snaps his head over to the shower, and his silence would prompt his crush to ask if he was still there. He wouldn’t be able to stop blushing the entire time and might throw things around trying to find their towel before handing it back a safe distance away from the door. “B-Be more careful from now on!”

Seijuurou: If he could tell that his crush was embarrassed, he’d try to lighten up the mood by making a few jokes, but it might not help that they’d be all about how clumsy or how cute their towel colour is. He’s not too embarrassed, but he doesn’t try to peek out of respect for them. “Here you go!”

Momotarou: His mind starts racing, and he sits in a shaking ball for a few seconds when he realizes that this entire scene seems like something out of an ecchi manga. That thought being too much for him, he grabs the towel and sprints over to the door. “H-Here, take your time, okay?!” 

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i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami



singapore’s local newspaper has no chill




Damara (x) Kankri (x) Video (x)

my anac9nda d9n’t find y9ur una6ashed display 9f sexuality t9 6e appr9priate, and w9uld appreciate it if y9u either ceased 9r tagged such tr9u6ling 6ehavi9r in the future


I’d imagine when aph Canada does the ice bucket challenge he kicks the bucket aside and jumps into Lake Ontario