It’s that time year again: Inktober!


Hey everyone! Last year’s Inktober was a lot of fun so I’m going to try again this year (posted mainly on my art blog)! Unfortunately, I don’t have all the lax time I did in 2013 due to actually being in college this year, but I hope I can still get through this Inktober without a hitch!


when u meet someone and become friends and u think they cute but then they say something not cute and feel bad about liking them in the first place but then realize fUCK THAT

I got hoodies, paint, and too much free time by myself.


The joke is I’m an asshole who doesn’t know Japanese.


Uploading some new art, all of them are commissions.
xmasuchii there are your ocs
They b sharin icecream


also surprise you share a name haaa;;;


It’s been just over 2 weeks and I finally finished this gift comic (hence changes in how it was drawn) and it was supposed to be a short and simple plot but it ended up 22 pages long.

hhaaaaaa it’s already april and i only now just got to touching up the scans hahaaaaaaaa it starts here but nice background information you’d probably like before reading is in the artist description here


Chark and Doirien are is halfconcealed​’s OC that I kind of borrow on occasion to hang out with my character Izzy. Stewart is supposedly a dragon but that’s up for debate. (dA post)


So I think it’s kind of redundant to move all my art from my personal to this one so here’s a link to my old art tag since I can’t say I upload too often. It may be a while until art starts flowing in but, until then, enjoy the blog’s layout and separate pages full of lists ahaha;;;

Hi guys! To tidy up this blog a bit and save you from some spam I made a separate art blog with tag lists and everything. ovob So far I just uploaded one new drawing but yeah, that’s it, ehe;;;

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Drawing Penny being overprotective is my favorite thing I’ll ship Madeline with anyone just to draw Penny reacting.

Potential dumb scene in comic but short version is no one knew Astraeus had healing powers until this point so when he went to kiss/heal the ouchies in front of everyone, overprotective sister has conflicting emotions ahaha