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Drawing on the phone again while avoiding chores.

Vishnal and Arthur are the highest level babs in town so naturally I take them everywhere to explore and I just feel bad because Vishnal aaaaaAA

I think about this dialogue a lot and feel really bad because I can’t bring myself to want to be romantically involved with him ajfbkahdksjdj also I find him ridiculously hard to draw ?????

I’ve been laughing about this line for over 24 hours don’t look at me

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This is literally the only reason I haven’t touched the game in about a week. I was already dating Arthur when this happened orz

Designing in case I ever draw friendship rf4 misadventures ahahaha

I had to sit awkwardly while galacticcarnager got his hair done did and so I drew things on my phone without reference cry

I’m forever terrible with colors

I don’t really know what I was doing but I had fun.

I’m captain fun times

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