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I remember this one time I was in kindergarden or first grade and I was in line getting food, and I was reaching down to get some milk and I looked over at these older kids behind me. From there, they started making fun of me because I had these gray spot things in the whites of my eyes(which i…

I dunno, reading this reminded me of once when I was in like maybe the 2nd or 3rd grade and mom gave me this really short ass haircut and I only really had skirt/dresses for my uniform so I went to school and I’m sitting in the cafeteria by myself because it was too early for class and I overhear these two 5th graders talking about me like “is that a boy or a girl?” “I dunno his hair is really short” “but she’s wearing a dress!” “some boys like wearing dresses”

I still don’t know if I’m offended or pleased about it

I should be sleeping because I have things to do tomorrow but here I am just watching Blue Exorcist.

Today I was walking to the bank and idk why but someone called out to me telling me I looked like a vocaloid.


It’s been just over 2 weeks and I finally finished this gift comic (hence changes in how it was drawn) and it was supposed to be a short and simple plot but it ended up 22 pages long.

hhaaaaaa it’s already april and i only now just got to touching up the scans hahaaaaaaaa it starts here but nice background information you’d probably like before reading is in the artist description here

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Technically I didn’t go too far, but I made many stops today so it feels like I drove a lot and I am proud of myself uvu

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My socks match my earrings and I’m excited.

Changing lanes/passing is terrifying.
Changing lanes/passing on the highway is disaster.

Small things.

This is me just being happy over little triumphs, please scroll by.

Literally I do nothing all day everyday because I distract myself with internet to avoid my anxiety but today I

●finally cooked something that wasn’t plain pasta (it was still spaghetti but I made sauce that reminded me of my childhood! Hatian style♡)
●bleached my hair (I got almost all of it this time ahahahgjnskfskd)
●worked out for 15 minutes once in the morning and once in the afternoon (progress!!)
●colored my hair (idk how it’ll look yet kbfjshfkksd its still wet, I’m hoping it’s a Kuriyama Mirai colour)
●made a list of CLEANING PRODUCTS (who am I???) that I need to purchase before mom leaves for the Philippines on Monday
●and after i shower I’m planning to continue working on the invasion of clothes that has attacked my room while choosing an outfit to wear tomorrow!!

I shouldn’t be this attracted to an animated character.
—Me to myself while watching anime. (via lauritabl)

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