Trying not to accidentally die out of pure self loathing

I don’t want to live but I don’t want to die

today i was talking to this dude about pokemon megaevolutions and when he asked about my favorites, he told me to exclude the “waifu” (mawile) and so the conversation got slightly derailed to too many pokephilia works with gardevoir and other feminine pokemon, and then he asked if i’d seen lopunny. I told him “yeah but this time the lopunny was the aggressor not the victim” and he gave me the most confused and disturbed look anD HE WAS TALKIGN ABOUT THE MEGA’LUTION NOT THE POKEPHILIA PHENOMENON

At first I was all like nooo my introductory to micro usage class is 4 and a half hours long uGH

but then when we had our break I watched most of today’s episode of Free! Eternal Summer so i have no regrets

I woke up like an hour ago and i haven’t exactly done anything yet but wish school would hurry up and be over with

So I can’t finish any more episodes of FMA(B) because I have school tomorrow but I get to sleep to the sounds of it playing in the distance because I accidentally got mom hooked on it and she’s gonna watch it all night


Some pictures I took to share the excellent subtitled experience of Netflix.

So I decided I wanted this last weekend of my year long summer vacation to be relaxing and here I am watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood \9♡6/

emailing teachers should not be this intimidating