Midori and I modeling for the Otakuthon Baby the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show 2014 in Montreal, Canada~

Our fashion show outfits and her pink usakumya all matched so we looked like we were getting married together as a family XD!! My Fjord hat even had a veil too! It was so amazing to finally get to meet Midori and to model with her <3!

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Pedigree is on a nationwide recall.

Pedigree made my 6 month old puppy too ill to eat anything for days.

If you have this brand please toss it and buy Purina, Science Diet, or Blue.

Please do not feed this to you animals.

Do not buy this brand.

It’s true

"the recall is due to the bags containing small metal fragments."

GREAT JOB - official statement from Pedigree

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this is absolutely incredible

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Apparently if you saw yourself in person, you wouldn’t recognise yourself

So my biggest question is, WHAT THE FUCK do I look like

And do I look hot

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Actually it’s been proven that our brain restricts our muscles unconsciously due to the fact that our muscles are powerful enough to rip themselves from our bones by tearing ligaments and the like if they ever contracted at full strength. Sources I’ve seen say roughly only a third of your true muscle strength is usable at any one time no matter how hard you exert yourself.

There have been reports of women lifting cars to save children and people lifting half-ton chunks of rock (it was only an inch or two in the report I saw, but it freed him from being tumbled off of a rock face by letting it slide over him while he lifted).

The human body is more amazing than most people have come to learn yet. 


someone drew this on the wii u gamepad

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the great thing about the united states is the fact that theres no official language so if you go into any federal building like the dmv and demand to speak with someone in latin they have to oblige or everyone in the building will be sent to jail

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Breaking news: The D.C. Appeals Court just killed Net Neutrality.

This could be the end of the Internet as we know it. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality:

they want to make the internet like tv. with channels and paying to get to specific websites and things. net neutrality = not doing that

This impacts every internet user. Please signal boost the hell out of this and sign the petition if you are American

I do not reblog things like this very often, but this affects me both personally and my business as a freelance artist.

In the economy here; cash is already strapped as it is. You bet your ass companies would suck the ever living life out of misc. art sites.

I don’t want it to ever come down to me choosing between groceries or purchasing a new tier package via comcast to be able to access tumblr or DeviantArt (let alone not guaranteeing I’ll even be seen by my customer base since they may not want to pay out their asses either). It doesn’t seem important to most, but I do 90% of my business online entirely.

Please sign up, fight for this and share it with your followers/friends/family and urge them to give them hell as well.

Not writing related, but this is incredibly important. While we pay for service via ISPs, the internet has been a relatively free space where everyone, no matter their income level, is able to connect, access a wealth of information, and express themselves. The Internet has become a major part of our culture as human beings and the notion that ISPs might be able to limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more is utterly sickening. A lot of us are cash strapped as is, and I’d rather not be limited even more by someone else’s greed. Net Neutrality is essential and I hope you guys will understand why it needs to remain.


P.S. Signal boost this if you’re able.

“ limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more”

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more

 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more


As I understand this ruling, it means that businesses now have to pay extra to ISPs to have access to their websites through that ISP provided at a reasonable speed. If you don’t pay, users’ access to your website will be slowed to a crawl - so independent people and small businesses can forget about getting onto that high speed access tier. 

This means that the American internet is going to be firmly under the control of those who have the most money. You’ll only get to see the content of those who can pay the ISPs to provide access at a reasonable speed. This means that you can expect to see skewed representation of just about everything, with those bigger businesses who can afford to pay ISPs a premium for access deciding what you can and cannot read, view and consume on the internet.

This is not something that we have in the UK. Our ISPs compete with each other to provide higher speeds, better services and lower prices, but because there’s a monopoly in the US of a few ISPs who provide services, they can afford to do this to you. You can’t go anywhere else, after all.

Everyone in the US needs to sign that petition, call their representatives, write angry letters and do whatever you can to tell your government that this ruling is Not Okay.

Maybe you guys are sick of this post but It’s really important to freelance artists and pretty much everyone who uses the internet, so here it is again.  \o0o/

This is important guys i don’t care if im an art blog only posting art dis shit is IMPORTANT

This is important!!! I dont usually reblog this kind of stuff here but please go and send a message to the FCC

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Ok, now I’m just imaging Lord of the Flies or Hunger Games on an elementary school play ground….

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