Whenever I plan to clean my room this ends up happening

Gave ‘im a fur cut today because it’s only getting hotter down here.

Oh yeah this happened once

Playing with my dog♡ uvu

I was walking downstairs and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

Haha I started going through reeeally old junk folders because I couldn’t sleep and I found this and started crying a lot. It’s a silly drawing my dad did a long time ago when I was visiting him and I think this is the last very personal thing he gave me before he died haha

It’s been just over 2 weeks and I finally finished this gift comic (hence changes in how it was drawn) and it was supposed to be a short and simple plot but it ended up 22 pages long.

Because I’ve never actually done a full-story comic, I’m attempting to make other short-story comics in practice before I really crack down on Endowing Tanquams.

This is 2 days work and it’s 7:30AM I’m going to bed.

The whole time at the aquarium we were trying to get some decent pictures of the goddamn rays but they were always fairly far from the glass so we kind of just settled with blurry shots but rIGHT before we left for the day…